Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Nutraceuticals are defined as components purified from foods which have health benefits besides their actual function of providing nutrition and used to prevent the occurrence of a disease or are used in its treatment. Nano science and nanotechnology have immense applications in diverse fields of science including electronics, communication, energy production, medicine and the food sector. It is considered that nanotechnology has the substantial potential to revolutionize agriculture and food systems. Beneficial effects in improving the immunity to treat several disorders like cancers, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease. The efficient encapsulation of nutraceuticals, their smart delivery and sustained release from the Nano formulation are few of the emerging challenging topics of nanotechnology in food and agriculture sector.


  • Track 1-1Role of Nano materials in food technology
  • Track 1-2Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
  • Track 1-3Food and Agriculture
  • Track 1-4Bioavailability and Delivery
  • Track 1-5Adverse effects of Nano materials in food technology

Pharmaceutics is a medical application of nanotechnology. Nano pharmaceutics involves medical applications of nanomaterial, biological devices, Nano electronic biosensors, applications of molecular nanotechnology such as machines. And it also involves the current problems relating to toxicity and environmental impact of Nano scale materials. The integration of nanomaterial with biology has led to the development of diagnostic devices, contrast agents, analytical tools, physical therapy applications, and drug delivery vehicles.


  • Track 2-1Design Of Nano Drugs
  • Track 2-2Synthesis Of Nanoparticles For Drug Delivery
  • Track 2-3Design And Characterization Of Nano systems
  • Track 2-4Biomedical Applications of Nano Drugs
  • Track 2-5Regulatory Aspect Towards Approval Of Nano pharmaceuticals

Nutraceuticals are products, which other than nutrition are also used as medicine. A nutraceutical product may be defined as a substance, which has physiological benefit or provides protection against chronic disease. Nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, or support the structure or function of the body. Nowadays, nutraceuticals have received considerable interest due to potential nutritional, safety and therapeutic effects


  • Track 3-1Medicinal plants
  • Track 3-2Nutraceuticals in Dyslipidemia
  • Track 3-3Protection against Chronic Diseases
  • Track 3-4Skin penetration and oral absorption
  • Track 3-5Bioactive Nutraceuticals

The properties of blood platelets small discoid cells that carry out a broad range of functions related to hemostasis mark them out as prime candidates to form the basis of drug delivery systems. These authors report a new nanoparticle based delivery platform, in which polymeric nanoparticles are enclosed in the plasma membrane of human platelets. They demonstrate the use of these platelet membrane cloaked nanoparticles for antibiotic delivery  for cardiovascular disease and systemic bacterial infection.


  • Track 4-1Carbohydrates
  • Track 4-2Peptides
  • Track 4-3Proteins
  • Track 4-4Ribofiavin
  • Track 4-5folate

Nutraceuticals are not only safe and nutritious, but also with enhanced bio efficacy to ensure health, well-being and healthy aging. This challenging task can be met with the emergence of dietary compounds known as nutraceuticals. Nutraceutical bio actives are physiologically active components that can be delivered through food or used as dietary supplements with a defined role in health beyond basic nutrition

  • Track 5-1Enhancing Nutraceutical Performance
  • Track 5-2Nutraceuticals in Hyperlipidemic Children
  • Track 5-3Flavonoids as Nutraceuticals
  • Track 5-4Nutraceuticals in relation to human skeletal muscle
  • Track 5-5Nutraceuticals in related to nerves

Nutraceuticals has enormous chances for growth and expansion in terms of health benefits. Depending on the nature and the alternative use as the modern medicines, it has shown subsequent results in reducing the need for conventional medicines and has reduced the chances of adverse effects. Nutraceuticals have emerged as beneficial health products obtained from many industries such as food, herbal, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries. The significance of such products have been associated with the treatment of many disorders such as cancer, metabolic problems, cold and cough, depression, coronary heart disease, delayed gastrointestinal emptying, and many more conditions which need special care.


  • Track 6-1Dietary Fibre
  • Track 6-2Probiotics
  • Track 6-3Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Track 6-4Antioxidant vitamins
  • Track 6-5Polyphenols

The nutrition is the set of processes by which a living being transforms food for its operation. Nutrition is also a multidisciplinary science, with two main themes. On the one hand, the physiology of nutrition deals with how the body processes food processing, that is, metabolic processes. This involves studying the role of macronutrients and micro nutrients at the level of the cellular biochemical mechanisms, and the consequences on the tissues of an imbalance between the absorbed energy and the energy expended by the organism. On the other hand, the psychology of nutrition analyzes the eating behavior of the individual or group. It focuses on issues such as "why are we eating? Or "how do we choose our food? ". In humans, these issues are related to environmental factors such as the built environment, the media and health policies, as well as its particularities such as income or culture.

  • Track 7-1Antioxidant
  • Track 7-2Malnutrition
  • Track 7-3Mineral salts

The Nutraceuticals and Natural Products focus group represents a broad scope of basic researchers, clinical researchers, and manufacturers involved in the use of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and natural products in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Track 8-1Protein food supplements
  • Track 8-2Baby foods or cereal mixes
  • Track 8-3Slimming diets
  • Track 8-4Poultry and animal nutrition products
  • Track 8-5Protein powders
  • Track 8-6Low calorie diet foods
  • Track 8-7Liquid proteins for health tonics
  • Track 8-8Medicinal plants derived nutraceuticals

Women seek natural, preventive approaches to manage the range of physiological changes and challenges they experience throughout their lifetime, nutraceuticals have emerged as valuable tools in the battle for better health.  Women are higher consumers of healthcare than men, using supplements to promote a healthy pregnancy to transitioning through menopause many women are looking for natural ways to promote health and improve their overall quality of life.


  • Track 9-1Depression
  • Track 9-2Bladder infections
  • Track 9-3Thyroid problems
  • Track 9-4Role of nutraceuticals in pregnancy
  • Track 9-5Treatment in breast Cancer

From time immemorial it has been perceived that ladies particularly pregnant and lactating ladies frame a standout amongst the most powerless fragments of the populace from dietary perspective. Maternal wellbeing under sustenance is related with low birth weight and all its chaperon unfriendly results. Epidemiological examinations has archived the greatness and unfriendly results of perpetual vitality insufficiency (CED) on the mother youngster dyad and cleared path for successful intercession projects to address under nourishment amid pregnancy and lactation. Too soon, excessively close, an excessive number of and past the point of no return pregnancy and kid wellbeing antagonistically influence sustenance and wellbeing status of the mother youngster dyad; auspicious prophylactic care has turned into a circuitous compelling intercession to anticipate crumbling in maternal and tyke nourishment. However another vital roundabout reason for under sustenance keeps on being contaminations; under nourishment builds the helplessness for diseases; diseases irritate under sustenance. With the coming of HIV scourge, it is unavoidable that throughout the following decade there will be an expansion in under sustenance in ladies because of HIV contamination. While under nourishment keeps on being real issue as in the prior decades, the present decade has seen the dynamic ascent of over sustenance in ladies amid conceptive age particularly among the well-to-do sections of populace both in urban and in provincial regions. It has turned out to be basic to survey the pregnant ladies eating regimen and sustenance and give them suitable exhortation and care.


Food processing is the physical or chemical process of transformation of raw ingredients into Food. It is the process of producing raw food ingredients into marketable food products which can be easily prepared and used by the consumers. Food Processing includes preparing space food for consumption under zero gravity as it is the easy and best procedure to keep the processed food for long time like canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, Foods fortified with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Safety is a major concern in food processing, because packaged food can be contaminated easily and due to increase in contamination.  Food processing must be balanced with the food preservation. Food preservation involves preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms as well as retarding the oxidation of fats that cause rancidity thus promoting longer shelf life and reduced hazard from eating the food. It includes drying, refrigeration, freezing, vacuum packing etc.


  • Track 11-1Food Plant Design
  • Track 11-2Optimization Techniques in Food Processing
  • Track 11-3Preservation Techniques
  • Track 11-4Food Processing Waste Management
  • Track 11-5Food Storage
  • Track 11-6Enzyme Technology
  • Track 11-7Food Processing & Engineering

Nutraceutical ingredients that are designed to support healthy weight management. Weight supplements are used in the context of medicine, health, or physical fitness, refers to a reduction or increase of the total body mass. These supplements are helpful for weight gain and weight loss with no physical effort.


  • Track 12-1Ingredient innovation in weight management
  • Track 12-2Herbal weight loss
  • Track 12-3Absorption Blockers
  • Track 12-4Thermo genic Ingredients
  • Track 12-5Capsaicin’s and Catechins
  • Track 12-6Soluble Dietary Fibber’s

Nanotechnology is the ability to measure, see, manipulate and manufacture things between 1 and 100 nanometers.  Their size allows them to exhibit novel and significantly improved physical, chemical, biological properties and processes because of their size. Nanotech can provide us with a never before known or understanding about materials and devices and will most likely have an impact on many fields. By using structures at the Nano scale as a tunable physical variable, it can greatly expand the range of performance of existing chemicals and materials. Alignment of linear molecules in an ordered array on a substrate surface can function as a new generation of chemical and biological sensors. Switching devices and functional units at Nano scale can improve computer storage and operation capacity by a factor of a million Nano emulsions are one of the most interesting fields of application which consists of two immiscible liquids, with one liquid being dispersed as very small spherical droplets in the other liquid. Usually, Nano emulsions are thermodynamically unstable with particle diameter from 10 to 100 µm.  Characteristics of Nano emulsion


  • Track 13-1Diameter varies from 10 to 100µm
  • Track 13-2Thermodynamically unstable
  • Track 13-3Clear Cloudy appearance
  • Track 13-4Odour should be compatible with the product
  • Track 13-5High Surface area
  • Track 13-6Optically Transparent

The consumer-safety implications from nanotechnology applications in food are also intrinsically linked to the physicochemical nature of the nanoparticles, and the likelihood and extent of exposure through consumption of Nano foods. It is known that nanoparticles have much larger surface areas and may exhibit substantially different physicochemical and biological properties compared to their conventional forms. The potential effects of nanoparticles through the gastrointestinal route are largely unknown. The application of nanotechnology in food has, therefore, led to concerns that ingestion of Nano sized ingredients and additives through food and drinks may pose certain hazards to consumer health.


  • Track 14-1Cancer Nanotheranostics
  • Track 14-2Nano-based delivery of RNA in cancer therapy
  • Track 14-3Safety implications of nanoparticles
  • Track 14-4Biomedical applications of nanotechnologies
  • Track 14-5Reduction in toxicity while maintaining therapeutic effects
  • Track 14-6Greater safety and biocompatibility
  • Track 14-7Faster development of new safe medicines

Nano medicine formulations could passively target tumor tissues by the enhanced permeability and retention effect. Nanoparticles have a specific propensity to reach tumor cells through passive targeting due to the characteristics of tumor tissues. Functionalized nanoparticles are internalized by passive and active targeting. Active targeting is more efficient due to cells overexpressing tumor associated proteins that allow for facilitated uptake of the functionalized nanoparticles. Despite the different levels of permeability among various tumors, passive targeting pathways can be enhanced through Nano carrier modification and conjugations. Some extensively used moieties, such as lipids, cholesterol, and their derivatives, or the hydrophilic polymer polyethylene glycol, can modify the nanoparticle formulation to be more stable and resistant to degradation and clearance during extended systemic circulation half-lives, enhancing bio distribution and tumor localization


  • Track 15-1Phenolic Acids and Phytochemicals
  • Track 15-2Dietary Fibre and Phytoestrogens
  • Track 15-3Vitamin C and E as Nutraceuticals
  • Track 15-4Resveratrol, Quercetin and Catechins
  • Track 15-5Lycopene, Genistein and Curcumin
  • Track 15-6Combinatorial therapy

The field of examination of the part of sustenance in the malignancy procedure is exceptionally wide. It is getting to be clearer as research proceeds with that sustenance assumes a noteworthy part in disease. It has been evaluated by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund that 30– 40 for each penny of all tumors can be counteracted by fitting eating regimens, physical action, and support of proper body weight. It is probably going to be higher than this for some individual growths. The vast majority of the exploration on sustenance and malignancy has been reductionist; that is, a specific nourishment or a supplement has been contemplated in connection to its effect on tumor development relapse or some flip side purpose of growth at a specific site in the body. These examinations are exceptionally useful in observing the points of interest of the systems of illness. Notwithstanding, they don't help give a general picture of  how  to counteract tumor on a dietary level. Indeed, even less, they advise little of how to eat when a man as of now has a malignancy and might want to eat an eating routine that is ideal to their recuperation.


Marine niutraceuticals are derived from marine Life forms which includes earths Life forms many invertebrates like sponges, bryozoans, tunicates, sea slugs along with many different marine life forms were utilized to derive thousands of secondary metabolites and bioactive compounds which possess anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, ant parasitic, ant fibrotic activities along with properties to modulate many physiological pathways by inhibiting or activating enzymes and transcription factors.


  • Track 17-1Obesity/ant obese marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 17-2Antioxidant marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 17-3Anti-inflammatory marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 17-4Antihypertensive marine nutraceuticals
  • Track 17-5Macro algal and Micro algal Nutraceuticals

Every animal, depending on condition, age, temperament and lifestyle, has unique nutrient requirements. Fine tuning pet foods with nutritional supplements either as standalone products or by incorporating specific nutrients into the food itself provides an integrated and holistic approach to addressing individual needs. Using premium foods and vitamins, minerals and so-called nutraceuticals can enhance vitality and prevent or treat certain diseases.


  • Track 18-1Companion animal Nutrition
  • Track 18-2Livestock Nutrition
  • Track 18-3Aquatic Nutrition
  • Track 18-4Feed Quality and Safety Guidelines
  • Track 18-5Non-Ruminant & Ruminant Nutrition

Recent research innovations in Nutraceuticals allied with heart disease inhibition are the key motives to choose this topic as one of the main tracks and can be seen as one of the highlights of this conference. Marine derived components like Fish Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Herbals like Sterols, Stanols, Phenols & Flavones, Phytochemicals and Polyphenols and other dietary components like Fruit and Vegetables, Soy Proteins and Whole grains, Nuts and Legumes, cardiovascular diseases and Dietary Patterns are followed as sub tracks.


  • Track 19-1Fish Omega 3 Fatty Acids- EPA and DHA
  • Track 19-2Fruit and Vegetables, Soy Proteins
  • Track 19-3Whole grains, Nuts and Legumes
  • Track 19-4Phytochemicals and Polyphenols
  • Track 19-5Sterols, Stanols, Phenols & Flavones
  • Track 19-6Dietary Patterns for cardiovascular health

Clinical Nutrition is of focal significance for our capacity to deal with ailments as a rule, diseases, surgery and injury specifically. The target of sustenance treatment is enhanced patient result by-

  • Avoiding Unhealthiness
  • Maintaining body tissue and working plasma protein stores
  • Preventing full scale and micronutrient inadequacy

No patient ought to have deficient admission of vitality and substrates in present day healing center care treatment. The parenteral course can be utilized effectively when different options of sustenance are troublesome or unthinkable. These days, completely satisfactory nourishment can be performed by giving aggregate parenteral sustenance (TPN). The regimen can be individualized to cover distinctive necessities. In the fleeting we can make up for unsettling influences in the more drawn out term we can keep up wholesome adjust.


In the course of recent decades, the rate of atopic maladies, for example, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and sustenance sensitivities has expanded significantly. Among youngsters up to 4 years old, the occurrence of asthma has expanded 160%, and the rate of atopic dermatitis has expanded twofold to triple. The occurrence of shelled nut hypersensitivity has likewise multiplied in the previous decade. Along these lines, atopic ailments progressively are an issue for clinicians who give social insurance to youngsters. It has been perceived that early youth occasions, including diet, are probably going to be vital in the improvement of both adolescence and grown-up illnesses. This clinical report will survey the nourishing choices amid pregnancy, lactation, and the main year of life that could conceivably influence the improvement of atopic sickness. In spite of the fact that atopic sicknesses have a reasonable human hereditary premise, natural variables, including early newborn child nourishment, may have an imperative effect on their advancement and, along these lines, exhibit a chance to avoid or defer the beginning of the malady. This clinical report replaces a prior arrangement articulation from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that tended to the utilization of hypoallergenic baby equations and included temporary suggestions for dietary administration for the avoidance of atopic ailment. This report isn't coordinated at the treatment of atopic malady once a newborn child or youngster has created particular atopic manifestations.


Dietary alterations in gastrointestinal tract issue are intended to mitigate side effects, amend supplement inadequacies, and, when conceivable, address the essential driver of trouble. In sickness, appraisal of the nature and seriousness of the essential gastrointestinal issue goes before focused therapeutic, nourishment, and different types of treatment. Expanded admissions of vitality, protein, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes are every now and again required to supplant supplements lost because of debilitated stomach related and absorptive limit. Consistency, dinner recurrence, and different attributes of the eating regimen might be adjusted to fit the patient's needs. Restorative sustenance treatment (MNT) for all patients with ailments of the digestion tracts must be individualized. The essential accentuation in dietary administration is the diminishment of carb sustenances that are probably going to be malabsorbed and matured, including vegetables, solvent fiber, safe starches, and straightforward sugars, for example, fructose and liquor sugars.


The world has usually revolved around the huge significance of the numerous kinds of sustaining need, nearby their related mortality and dreariness in infant kids, young children and mothers. Regardless, the world is also watching a passionate addition in various sorts of absence of solid sustenance portrayed by strength and the whole deal consequences of disproportionate dietary and lifestyle practices that result in unending sicknesses, for instance, cardiovascular affliction (CVD), threat and diabetes treatment. A wide range of absence of sound sustenance's far reaching range are connected with essential inauspiciousness, mortality, and monetary costs, particularly in countries where both under and over food exist together like the case in making countries encountering quick advance in sustenance and lifestyle. Sustenance and food are essential factors in the headway and support of good prosperity all through the entire life course. Their part as determinants of ceaseless NCDs is settled and they subsequently include an obvious position in neutralizing activity works out. Breathtakingly fundamental point, indications and treatment of different endless sicknesses like Liver ailments, Iron need and Hemochromatosis (Iron Overload), Macular Degeneration, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or SEID), Metabolic Syndrome, Hodgkin's Disease, Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Medication, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases, Cholestatic liver will be discussed.


Brain research inquire about has been associated with the field of amusements with the objective that contenders can increase their ability on the playing field and to the legal structure so the authenticity of onlooker memory can be better gotten on. Associations have since a long time back relied upon examiners for assurance techniques and tests for staff, yet one prepare by and by can't be tapped the field of sustenance. As is substantial for work out, eating is a direct basic for perfect prosperity. Eating meets basic natural needs, yet numerous people persevere through restorative issues in light of poor eating choices. For example, a couple of individuals eat unnecessarily sustenance for their level of development and well ordered breeze up evidently forceful. Others restrain their support permit to a great degree, achieving bona fide therapeutic issues and even downfall. Certainly confining food confirmation is frequently roused by psychosocial factors, for instance, a misled need to upgrade physical appearance or to enhance athletic execution. Awesome nutritious practices and weight control are two related however remarkable issues in prosperity cerebrum look into. Positive prosperity rehearses fuse eating each and every vital supplement while keeping an accumulation of plenitude muscle to fat proportion. Body weight can be lost through starvation, yet this is hazardous to prosperity and results in undesirable incidents of muscle and bone mass. Another imperative truth is that various adults who get fit as a fiddle definitely recover it as fat. This occurs in light of the fact that they come back to past eating and exercise outlines. Support of a sound body weight is basic to awesome prosperity.


The incorporation of functional ingredients in a given food system and the processing and handling of such foods are associated with nutritional challenges for their healthy delivery. The extreme sensitivity of some components causes significant loss of product quality, stability, nutritional value and bioavailability, and the overall acceptability of the food product. Consequently, encapsulation has been successfully used to improve stability and bioavailability of functional ingredients.


  • Track 25-1High-energy emulsification technique
  • Track 25-2Excipient Emulsion
  • Track 25-3Hydrogel particles and other novel protein-based methods
  • Track 25-4Designing biopolymer micro gels
  • Track 25-5Designing biopolymer micro gels for encapsulation

Plants support is essential sustenance resources for individuals. Built chemicals and oil backups can supplant numerous plant-construed arrangements, strands, and hues; metal, square, and concrete can supplant wood, however there isn't a practical option for plant-decided sustenances. Every human sustenance are plants or animals that eat plants. Saprophytic life forms contribute tolerably little to the typical caloric confirmation of a considerable number individuals. The important individuals gathered wild species. Show day social orders rely upon high-yielding cultivars, giving them more imperative control over food supplies. While support lack and starvation remain risks in a couple of areas of the world (e.g., sub Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent), more than 90% of the world has a foreseen and satisfactory wellspring of sustenance


The basic nourishment criteria are not planned as an all around pertinent framework. The selection of classifications was spurred by the need to adjust the requirement for effortlessness and predictable treatment of comparable items from one perspective and, on the other, the need to maintain a strategic distance from classifications so wide that lone careless nourishment criteria would suit a wide range of items spoke to in a classification. So as to guarantee both power and reasonableness, it was important to make sub-classes inside the greater part of the nine classifications.

Nourishment naming is data found on the names of pre-bundled foods. The administered data incorporates:

•           The Nutrition Facts table

•           The fixing list

•           Some discretionary nourishment claims

These give you data about the dietary estimation of nourishment. You can utilize this data to settle on more advantageous sustenance decisions and accomplish general great health. The Nutrition Facts table gives you data about:

•           Calories

•           13 center supplements

•           % Daily Value (% DV) of supplements

The greater part of the data in the Nutrition Facts table depends on a measure of nourishment. This sum is constantly found at the highest point of the Nutrition Facts table. Foodborne sicknesses take a noteworthy toll on wellbeing. A huge number of individuals fall sick and many kick the bucket because of eating dangerous sustenance. Profoundly worried by this, WHO Member States embraced a determination in 2000 to perceive sustenance security as a basic general wellbeing capacity. Nourishment security incorporates activities went for guaranteeing that all sustenance is as sheltered as could be allowed. Nourishment wellbeing strategies and activities need to cover the whole natural pecking order, from generation to utilization.

Among made nourishing supplements containing characteristic and normally inferred Ingredients, one should remember that in the US dietary supplements are not managed an indistinguishable path from physician recommended drugs. Supplements are managed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), yet not as sustenance or medications. They fall into a unique classification called dietary supplements.


The applications of nanotechnology in different identified areas provide lots of business opportunities. It includes Food, Medicine, Cleaner water, Better quality air, Electronics, Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Batteries, Space Travels, Chemical sensors, Sporting goods, Fabrics, Cleaning products, Energy, Environment, Health, and Life span increase. The paper covers the applications, and benefits of nanotechnology innovations in different industries, possible business opportunities for new nanotechnology based products and services due to challenges for human prosperity on earth, and the global strategy on nanotechnology business with an expected time scale and future possibilities of nanotechnology innovations based on products and services in the field and the magic (like science fictions) going to happen in human life. In this paper, important nanotechnology features and their usage in industry, various products and services based on nanotechnology innovations and Business Strategy for them are identified. Applications & benefits of NT in Agriculture, Food packing & Clean water, in Renewable Energy & Storage, and in Medicine are discussed. Various Business Opportunities for New Nanotechnology based Products and Services, Developing a global strategy for Nanotechnology Business including PEST analysis model and ABCD analysing framework. Finally, some of the Future possibilities of nanotechnology innovations are mentioned and discussed.