Nano delivery Anti-cancer Drugs

Nano medicine formulations could passively target tumor tissues by the enhanced permeability and retention effect. Nanoparticles have a specific propensity to reach tumor cells through passive targeting due to the characteristics of tumor tissues. Functionalized nanoparticles are internalized by passive and active targeting. Active targeting is more efficient due to cells overexpressing tumor associated proteins that allow for facilitated uptake of the functionalized nanoparticles. Despite the different levels of permeability among various tumors, passive targeting pathways can be enhanced through Nano carrier modification and conjugations. Some extensively used moieties, such as lipids, cholesterol, and their derivatives, or the hydrophilic polymer polyethylene glycol, can modify the nanoparticle formulation to be more stable and resistant to degradation and clearance during extended systemic circulation half-lives, enhancing bio distribution and tumor localization